The EAGL pricing structure is different from many other programs. First, in addition to all the professional instruction, it’s all-inclusive pricing. The EAGL logistics team wants you to be able to focus on transformational learning, not figuring out details. That includes everything:

  • Your hotel room (2 nights per module)
  • All your meals, snacks, libations
  • Extensive educational materials
  • Pre- and post- event webinars
  • Even your rides to & from the airport and tips for the drivers

Compare EAGL for Yourself

We know that ‘Mini’ and ‘Executive’ MBA programs are booming out there, and you have many choices for continuing your education… like these:

  • Northwestern University, a 3 day program: $7800
  • Emory University, 1-4 day programs in Strategic Management: $1995 – $5995
  • Harvard, 6-week EMBA program: $68,000
  • This BusinessWeek ‘Comparator’ showcases the top 55 EMBA programs in the country, from $44,000 – $170,000
Second, it’s billed as a retainer system, to be cashflow friendly for you: you place a deposit ($3995) down with your application, and then we bill you in recurring $1500 increments for the 8 months of your program year (June 2015 – January 2016).

The only additional charges you will be responsible for are:

  • Air or car travel to get to/from the destination city
  • A nominal fee if you want to have your VP Marketing or CFO participating in those modules
  • Any optional additional nights at the conference facility, based on your personal travel preferences

If you apply to and are accepted to the EAGL program, the investment is $15,995 for the full all-inclusive curriculum:

  • $3995 due with application
  • $1500 per month for 8 months, beginning in June 2015 (last payment January 2016 prior to graduation)

Nine Months. Ten Days. Infinite Possibilities.

For less than you’d spend on a new vehicle, EAGL is a complete year of an Executive MBA-style program personalized to the realities of the commercial horticulture industry. Where you develop a peer group and network that will support and solve your specific business challenges.

Now THAT’s an investment that’s hard to put a pricetag on.

Let’s fly.