10 Tips to preserve the colours of your clothes

There always comes a time when you notice that your fuchsia pink T-shirt is starting to fade, or when you get completely mixed colours out of the washing machine.

Just like black and white, coloured clothes require special care so as not to lose their shine or destroy your other clothes.

So here are 10 tips to preserve the colours of your clothes as long as possible!

1- Read the label

It may seem obvious, but you should always start by reading the label.

The washing instructions are always very clear and must be followed to the letter: machine temperature, wash inside out, hand wash, …

Avoid cutting the label so that you do not forget these important instructions!

2- Separate colours

It is often said that black, white and colours should be separated, but it is also a good idea to separate light and dark colours.

Indeed, a very bright red should not be next to a pale yellow if you want to keep the colour of these clothes!

3- Use salt for the first wash

When washing a coloured garment for the first time, the use of salt is an excellent tip! Put half a glass of salt with your clothes at the beginning of the cycle.

This will fix the colour of the garment and not let most of the dye evaporate in the first wash, as often happens!

4- Wash inside out

Even if it’s not marked on the label, it’s always a good idea to wash clothes inside out.

In the machine, both the inside and the inside out are washed and soaped, but the inside of the garment will suffer less friction with other clothes, water and the barrel of the machine itself, allowing it to retain its colour better!

5- Cold wash

If possible, do not hesitate to choose a cold wash in the menu of your machine.

Warm water works best on stubborn stains and heavily soiled clothes, but it also tends to bleed out the colour and wear out the clothes faster!

6- Use white vinegar

Add a glass of white vinegar to your machine when rinsing.

The vinegar fixes colours, removes small residues of detergent from textiles and also acts as a natural fabric softener!

Don’t worry, the vinegar smell will evaporate before the cycle is complete!

7- Use black pepper

In order to keep the intensity of the colours of your clothes, you can also use black pepper!

Add two or three spoonfuls of black pepper to the machine at the beginning of the cycle. The spices will evaporate naturally during the wash and give your colours a sparkle!

8- Do not over-dry

A common mistake is leaving clothes in the dryer too long.

Excessive heat dries out colours and discolours clothes (like a cloth left in the sun).

It is best to dry clothes naturally on a clothesline.

If this is not possible, use a tumble dryer, but take the clothes out when they are still damp and finish drying them naturally on a clothesline.

9- Dry upside down

As with washing, clothes are necessarily best turned inside out while drying.

Whether it’s the sun’s rays or the heat of the tumble dryer, it’s best to protect the outside colours from fading by putting everything inside out!

10- Use baking soda

Baking soda is really the handyman of the house.

Add half a glass of baking soda to your machine at the beginning of the cycle to give colour brilliance!

This trick also works wonders for white clothes!