5 tips with vinegar for beauty

In our kitchen, there are hidden innocuous ingredients that could help us to solve inconveniences that cause us a lot of worries. Dull hair, cellulite, dry skin are all problems that can be solved with a bottle of vinegar. Many other tricks come from this acidic solution and we will present them to you without further delay.

Discover 5 tips with vinegar for your beauty.

You’ll be surprised how much white vinegar can help you have a radiant complexion and much more. This must-have in beauty rituals hides unsuspected secrets in its bottle. There is no doubt, you will never part with this ingredient after discovering its benefits!

1- For shiny hair

Did you know that simple drops of cider vinegar could help you to have a sublime mane? And for good reason, this product gives your hair an incredible shine! To take advantage of this dreaded effect, mix two tablespoons of this solution to your rinse water of only one liter. This should be done after your first wash. This tip is ideal for oily or combination hair.