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5 tips with vinegar for beauty

In our kitchen, there are hidden innocuous ingredients that could help us to solve inconveniences that cause us a lot of worries. Dull hair, cellulite, dry skin are all problems that can be solved with a bottle of vinegar. Many other tricks come from this acidic solution and we will present them to you without further delay.

Discover 5 tips with vinegar for your beauty.

You’ll be surprised how much white vinegar can help you have a radiant complexion and much more. This must-have in beauty rituals hides unsuspected secrets in its bottle. There is no doubt, you will never part with this ingredient after discovering its benefits!

1- For shiny hair

Did you know that simple drops of cider vinegar could help you to have a sublime mane? And for good reason, this product gives your hair an incredible shine! To take advantage of this dreaded effect, mix two tablespoons of this solution to your rinse water of only one liter. This should be done after your first wash. This tip is ideal for oily or combination hair.

2- A toned face

In the morning, we may find it difficult to wake up because of a foggy mind. Have you thought about making your own tonic lotion? It’s much simpler than it sounds because all you have to do is mix 2 tablespoons of white vinegar with an infusion of chamomile after you’ve removed your makeup. If you have dry skin that feels tight, here’s another bonus remedy. Mix water, vinegar, and olive oil and voilĂ , your skin is deeply nourished.

3- To fight cellulite

Orange peel skin can really obsess us but it is not a permanent complex. To fight against this phenomenon sometimes due to water retention, repeat this trick as much as possible. Try soaking a cotton towel in a large amount of vinegar. The reason: this product activates blood circulation. Massage the vinegar into the skin. Buttocks, hips, legs, spare no area!

4- Finding a wasp size

It sounds amazing, but a few drops of vinegar can help you activate weight loss. The reason: it accelerates the metabolism, an effect that boosts the burning of calories. To get back to a wasp waist, just mix two tablespoons of this liquid with a large glass of water and drink it 10 minutes before your meal. Avoid this preparation if you suffer from stomach aches or ulcers.

5- Go away, the swellings!

Water retention or swelling? The solution is all found. We give it to you in a thousand, it is indeed white or apple vinegar. Mix it with massage oil and apply it to swollen hands or feet. If they are painful, you will be quickly soothed. Rub well with your hands to make the product work.

6- A natural mouthwash

If you have bad breath, this is the right remedy. You can concoct a natural mouthwash with apple cider vinegar. To do this, simply dilute a teaspoon in a glass of warm water. After performing this trick, you will be able to say goodbye to the bacteria present in your mouth that cause this so unpleasant smell!

7- Attenuate stains

The acidity of apple vinegar is, just like lemon, a real solution for black spots that can appear after acne pimples or simply because of sun exposure. The operation is simple: simply soak a cotton ball with diluted vinegar on the affected areas.

Let it rest for 30 minutes and that’s it. Be sure to repeat this gesture regularly, once or twice a week. You will see that these imperfections gradually fade away.

8- Bye-bye bye acne!

Whether it’s juvenile or hormonal acne, the cure is there. Vinegar dries out the skin, which in this case is clogged with sebum. This natural Sebo-regulator should be applied diluted with water to the face using a small cotton ball. Then let it dry for a few minutes before rinsing.