All our lives we’ve been putting a band-aid on the wrong way

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There are two ways to put bandages on properly

Sometimes we have to put bandages on much more often than we would like, especially when we have young children who are old enough, it seems, to put a bandage on every day. One of the places where we most often need to put a bandage on are the fingers. So it’s not surprising, of course, because accidents happen in the kitchen, when you’re cutting food and so on. Have you always put bandages on your fingers correctly?

Putting a bandage on the wrong way

When we need a bandage quickly, for example, because we have cut our finger, we take it out of its packaging as quickly as possible and stick it on the finger. It looks good at first, but after a few minutes you will notice that the bandage is already in the way and you can no longer move your finger properly. Why does this happen? The explanation is simple; you’ve been putting the bandage on wrong all your life! There are two ways to put a bandage on your finger correctly.

The correct way to put a bandage on your finger

No matter how carefully you wrap a bandage around your finger, it often comes off after a few minutes. The bandage also has a short lifespan in young children who move around all the time. What is the solution? By applying the bandage correctly. There are two methods.

Method 1: On the fingertip

Fingertips are perhaps one of the most difficult places to bandage well. When you take a bandage out of the package and wrap it around your fingertip, you will quickly notice that the shape of the bandage does not allow the finger to move well. The solution? Before applying the bandage, take a pair of scissors and cut a notch along the length of the bandage on each side of the sticky part. Then place the gauze of the dressing over the wound and place the strips on the fingertip, making a cross.

Method 2: Bandage the finger

With the second method, the dressing will be cut in the same way as the first method. However, this method concerns wounds that are not on the fingertips, but on the finger itself. With this method, place the gauze over the wound and fold the strips over each other. This way the patch will do a much better job and last longer.

Watch the video below for instructions.