THIS is the biggest mistake people make when mopping!

It’s much better if you mop it up like this!

Cleaning floors is not your favourite task, but it should be done regularly. Even if you remove the biggest one with the vacuum cleaner, you have to mop it all up so that everything is clean. But did you know that you’re probably cleaning your floors the wrong way?

We didn’t know we were doing it wrong…

Dirtiest objects

Many people think that the toilet or toilet brush is the biggest source of bacteria in the home, but this is not true. The Dutch website has revealed that most bacteria are found on the mop. It’s not so weird if you think about it. With the mop, you wipe floors full of dust, hair, food scraps and other dirt. Do you put your mop away without washing it? Then bacteria will multiply quickly on it.


Of course, you should not throw away your mop or sponge after each use. If your mop is detachable, you can wash it at 60°C. Do you have a mop that doesn’t wash? Then replace it at least every two months.

Here are some good tips to keep your mop clean, but what’s the best way to make sure your floor is really clean? Apparently, many people have been hurting for many years; so have we!


The mistake many people make is to wash their floors with hot water. Chances are you’ll do it too and it’s not the best way to mop. Anoesjka Imambaks, owner of Maid at Home cleaning services explains why: “When the water is hot, it evaporates faster and soap residue from the cleaning agents remains on the floor. These residues leave traces and make the floor sticky. It’s best to use cold water and a drop of cleaner.” Who’d have thought? We’ve been doing it wrong for so long!


Do you have laminate flooring? Then here’s a trick to clean it and shine it. All you need is vinegar! White vinegar, or household vinegar, is the best cleaning product when it comes to cleaning your laminate floors. If you use vinegar, don’t worry about stains, streaks or greasy residues on your floor. Add a drop of vinegar to your water tank. Also make sure that your mop is not too wet. A mop that is too wet can cause laminate floors to swell or puff up.