Why you should start your day with a banana and a glass of hot water…

Do you start your day with a glass of hot water and a banana? Here are the benefits

Some people can’t start the day without having breakfast and others are not able to swallow anything early in the morning. Do you fall into the second category? Then try to start every morning with a glass of hot water and a banana. And even if you have breakfast in the morning, you can replace it with a glass of hot water and a banana. This has positive benefits for your body.

1- Glass of hot water and banana

Start every morning with a glass of hot water and a banana makes weight loss easier. Banana stimulates digestion and helps speed up the metabolism. Eating a banana with a glass of warm water helps to digest the fibre in the banana. A glass of hot water is better than a glass of cold water, because the hot water is already at body temperature and therefore it is not unpleasant to drink it on an empty stomach.

2- Helps to lose weight

Combine this breakfast with a healthy diet for the rest of the day, get enough exercise, drink alcohol in moderation and you’ll notice that this stimulates weight loss. Eating a banana in the morning has the advantage of giving a lasting feeling of satiety, plus it helps to partially block the absorption of carbohydrates – the perfect fruit to add to your diet.

DISCLAIMER: There is no guarantee for specific results and results may vary from person to person.